Yoga Strong

Yoga Strong


Yoga Strong is the practice of paying attention on and off the mat, it’s about paying attention everywhere. This podcast centers around yoga but dives in all directions as an exploration to a fully lived adventure.

In all experiences, good and “bad,” there is something to be learned. What if, even in those harder times, we treated the moment as if it was a Holy guest? And what if, especially in those times, we treated ourselves as a Holy guest? Holiness is something that takes your breath away, inspires awe, makes you pause… So what if that Holy thing was you? How would you treat yourself, and how would you view your circumstances?

The magic of George the tree … 2:01
Not every experience will be ideal … 4:18
The power of “and” … 8:11
There are lessons in difficult times … 9:38
Treating yourself as a Holy guest … 11:54
“The Sound of Sacred” by Danielle Doby … 16:37
An invitation to slow down and invite the Holy Guest … 18:45

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Photo: Jess Keating

Podcast Producer: Courtney Mauss

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