Into Stillness

Into Stillness


Stillness is a not so common occurrence in most of our lives. Join movement and meditation teacher Braydon Mackenzie, in finding it through guided meditations, interviews, educational content and more. Beginner to experienced practitioner there is something for you here. Learn to harness the breath, still the body and observe the mind through meditation and conversation.

This is a guided meditation centred around the lotus flower. The unique symbol that is the lotus flower is universal to us all, not just to those of religion. After all, no one can lay claim to the lotus, one of the most beautiful and symbolically rich flowers of the natural world.

“The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals” – Khalil Gibran

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I truly appreciate each and every one of you who listen to and take something away from this podcast. Until next time and with love, namaste.

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