Macklin’s Take – Boxing Podcast

Macklin’s Take – Boxing Podcast


My name’s Andy Clarke and I’m a boxing commentator and pundit, mainly for Sky Sports. This page is the home of a boxing podcast me and 3-time world title challenger and Sky colleague Matt Macklin are doing called Macklin’s Take. Topical debate, big name guests and boxing insiders, we’ll bring you all of it. Hope you enjoy it,

We love a boxing insider on Macklin’s Take 🙂

And this week me and Matt sit down with a man who was right on the inside of boxing’s premier broadcasting flagship for over 25 years.

Mark Taffet was head of HBO Pay Per View and with the company from 1983, all the way through to 2015.

He was fundamental in putting together some of the biggest fights the world has seen and a key player in HBO fight cards and broadcasts becoming the gold standard that their competition strived to match.

We chatted about the challenges of the job, the glory nights and of course got his take on the modern boxing landscape and the shelf life of the current PPV model.

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