LiftingLindsay’s More Than Fitness

LiftingLindsay’s More Than Fitness


Dive into the joy of fitness with Lindsay and other guests exploring how it goes well and beyond the gym floor, the number on the scale, the size of your waist or the calories you’re counting.

I am so excited to have Won Dolegowski on the show today to talk about ironically very similar topics I’ve covered recently on the show! Won is a Doctorate of Pharmacy and graduated from Southern Nevada in 2007. She left her former pharmaceutical career to pursue health-coaching full-time and is currently working as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and applies a functional health approach to all of her clients. We talk about living at maintenance, how to make fitness and health a lifestyle, understanding fluctuations on the scale, and much more!

Time Stamps:

(2:50) Won’s Introduction to Fitness

(6:00) Living At Maintenance

(15:50) Shifting Focus to Maintenance

(19:30) Still So Much Work At Maintenance

(20:55) The Fluctuation of the Scale

(28:28) The Building Phase

(31:30) Suggestions For Feeling The Fluff

(39:54) Making It A Lifestyle

(49:50) Where to Find Won


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