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Although I have some exciting interviews coming up, I am going solo today and want to talk about my sleep routine. Working on my sleep routine and trying to get a good amount of sleep was a struggle for a good twenty years or so, especially with trying to get to sleep in the first place and then staying asleep once I did get to sleep.

I, at first, thought that it was a lost cause, that it was a genetic problem that I couldn’t resolve, but one thing that I realized over the last twenty years is that my difficulty sleeping had a lot more to do with habits and behavior than with genetics, so tune in as I share some tips with you on how to sleep better.

I encourage you to try mouth-taping, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and blue light before bed, dim your lights at night, and more. If you tend to struggle with sleep at night, I hope that this episode is helpful for you. If so, then if you aren’t subscribed to the show already, please be sure tosubscribe on your favorite podcast app! I would also really appreciate it if you would share the podcast with at least one other person you know who might also enjoy it and if you would leave me a five-star review! That really helps the show out!

Time Stamps

0:46 – Dan is going solo today.

1:05 – Dan is discussing his sleep routine in this episode.

3:17 – Difficulty falling asleep has more to do with habits than genetics.

4:23 – My first tip is to try mouth-taping.

7:23 – What type of tape do I use for mouth-taping?

8:09 – I advise against alcohol.

10:34 – I encourage you to use blue light blockers.

12:38 – Another thing that has improved my sleep is restricting caffeine.

14:34 – Learn about the 3-2-1 method.

16:31 – I talk about morning sun exposure.

19:00 – You should dim the lights at night.

20:51 – I summarize all the main points of this episode.


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