Fitness Stuff (for normal people)

Fitness Stuff (for normal people)


Fitness sucks. Well, kind of. The last thing needed is another “fitness podcast” to catch you up on the newest trends, fad diets, and fictitious “fat-blasting” workouts that will be dead in the coming decade. The *Fitness Stuff* podcast makes exercise and nutrition science practical. Exposing misinformation in the industry by providing evidence-based education you can trust. Cutting out the bulls*** for normal people like you and I.

This topic could arguably be one of the most important when pertaining to releasing factual information. “Binge eating” is a phrase so loosely used in today’s society and your hosts are ready to educate their audiences on the true definition, some general steps to breaking a cycle, the psychological aspect, and so much more. This is a layered topic filled with unpacking misinformation and following up with science based education and information.

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