The Game On Glio Podcast

The Game On Glio Podcast


Now in its third season, Game On Glio was the first of its kind to create a media platform for telling the stories and journeys of those diagnosed with brain cancers such as Glioblastoma. Expanding on its original platform, this show shines a light on grief and loss, brain cancer education and stories, and provides inspiration, hope, and second chances! Guests include caregivers, scientists, therapists, patients, widows(ers), non-profits, well known personalities, and authors. The mission of this show is to find a way to give a voice to those that need it most, bring education and advocacy to brain cancers, grief and loss, and to remind all of us that second chances do exist. There’s always hope! Host–Shannon (S.M.) Traphagen **Disclaimer-this podcast is not a medical podcast. It is designed to offer guidance and information, tell stories, offer hope, and advocate for those dealing with these topics. While medical experts are on the show, questions regarding your medical care should be directed to your primary care doctor or contact the resources on the website to obtain further information.

Recent Episodes

  • S3 Ep 10: ”The Power of Faith in Grieving” -Guest Amber Jackson

    1 week ago
  • S3 Ep 9: ”My Journey into Positive Psychology After Brain Cancer”--Guest Chris Baccash

    3 weeks ago
  • S3 Ep 8: ”A 5 year old with GBM shows us how to be brave ”--Guest Kelly Barnhart

    1 month ago
  • S3 Ep 7: ”All We Can Do is Slay One Dragon at a Time”--Guest Laura Dill

    2 months ago
  • S3 Ep 6: ””StacheStrong is my Grief” --Guest Colin Gerner

    3 months ago
  • S3 Ep 5: ”I Live Every Day with Stoic Wisdom” --Guest Mike Hugo

    4 months ago
  • S3 Ep 4: ”This disease kills kings” --Guest Wade Lewis

    4 months ago
  • S3 Ep 3: ”Our Superman in the fight against brain cancer” --Guest Lance Kawaguchi

    5 months ago
  • S3 Ep 2: ”Love has no limits: One Couple’s Journey with GBM” --Guests Nick Adamski & Diane Pathieu

    5 months ago
  • S3 Ep 1: ”The Brain is the Black Box of the Body” --Guests Dr.’s Elad Levy & Ken Snyder

    6 months ago