That Sounds Funny

That Sounds Funny


People often ask us about being blind, and how we do the things we do. Our anchor segment features a facet of the adaptive skills we learned from the Blindness Rehab Center (BRC). We discuss various specialized products that blind people use as a prosthetic, as well as simple ways to adapt to the world around us and in the home.

Along the way we have some fun telling funny life stories, share unusual news items, top 10 lists, and even letters from listeners. Leave us ratings, reviews, blah blah blah. But feel free to tell us your funny life story, ask a question, or suggest a topic you want to hear about.

Our goal is to keep the conversation family-friendly, fun, and humorous. Language may drift to the childish, but kept as clean as possible. Some topics may not be geared to children, so parental guidance is preferred.

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