Sober Stories from Everyday People

Sober Stories from Everyday People


A podcast bringing you sobriety stories from everyday people. Hosted by Instagram’s @sassysobermum, guests will answer the same seven questions, each outlining their struggle with alcohol and journey into successful sober living. We hope to bring you inspirational content so that you don’t have to feel alone in your quest to stop a substance society does its best to encourage!

In this episode I chat with Annie from Scotland who’s been sober for 3 years. Annie is also the host of her own podcast ‘Behind the Mother Mask’ covering issues women face around masking pain, challenges and discomfort. She also offers a coaching service helping women live a purposeful and energised life. Annie talks openly about her history with drugs and alcohol, and getting diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. She talks about overthinking, poor health and feelings of overwhelm before taking the plunge to remove alcohol from her life, initially short term. Annie is now living her best life and thriving every day without the emotional crutch of alcohol. She is an inspiration. Happy listening.

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