Change Makers: A Podcast from APH

Change Makers: A Podcast from APH


American Printing House has a big goal: a future that belongs to everyone. For more than 160 years APH has created products that provide access for people who are blind or low vision. To create a world that welcomes everyone, we know it’s going to take a lot of change makers. Join us as we highlight the people who are making the biggest difference in our field. We’ll talk to everyone from CEOs to students. Know someone we should highlight? Email

On this episode of Change Makers, we are going to learn about blind and low vision stereotypes. We’ll hear how they originated, and how damaging they are. Then, listen to a panel of individuals talk about stereotypes they’ve faced. After that, learn about potential gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.

On This Podcast (In Order of Appearance)

– Jeff Fox, Narrator
– Sara Brown, APH Public Relations Manager
– Micheal Hudson, APH Museum Director
– Paul Ferrara, APH Communications Accessibility Editor
– Marissa Slaughter, APH Senior Grant Writer
– Richard Rueda, APH Digital Content Manager for the ConnectCenter
– Katie Fredrick, APH Digital Content Manager, VisionAware

Additional Links

– APH ConnectCenter
– APH’s Customer Experience: 800-223-1839
– APH’s Website
– Paint by Numbers Coloring Books (Safari, Under the Sea, Backyard Creatures, Desert Creatures)
– Hop A Dot Mat
– Jacob’s Rib-It-Balls
– Braille buzz
– Insights Calendar
– Talking Cooking Thermometer
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