Alcohol Free Life – Janey Lee Grace

Alcohol Free Life – Janey Lee Grace


Have you quit the booze? Sober curious? Thinking about reducing your alcohol intake? Tips, advice and motivation from experts, authors and sober heroes and importantly we want to celebrate self-care in sobriety. We look at the issues around alcohol with no judgement and hope to inspire you to be all that you can be, joyful, healthy happy and brave! Janey Lee Grace is a UK based BBC presenter, author of Happy Healthy Sober – ditch the booze and take control of your life. and founder of ( Join us! Donate / Buy Janey a coffee! (
How does our brain work? Why is behaviour change and breaking free from addictive habits so hard for us? Gill Mckay is the author of STUCK and shares some top insights into neuroscience and how we can work with our brain to be more resilient and go after change.
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We have teamed up with Talonmore Drinks, a Scottish based, family run business, founded in Edinburgh in 2020. The name derives from the strength of an eagle and its touch point with the land’s natural ingredients. Talonmore’s mascot eagle’s head symbolises power and freedom.
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