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The Plantarion Podcast


Plant-based, vegan, or veggie-curious? Join Danni and Thomas as they discuss the future of food, health, and wellness.

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Plantarion Podcast. Danni McGhee talks with Leah and Michael Moon of DC Vegan and how their lifestyle brand is more than just vegan fare. It’s a movement to fight for social justice for all.


Interview with Leah & Michael Moon

Leah Curran Moon, MPA, PhD, DC Vegan’s Co-Founder & CEO

Leah is a social entrepreneur, artist and PhD with 25 years of event and professional experience. As CEO, Leah focuses on strategic growth, creative content, market analysis and visioning. She is constantly listening, analyzing and creating while focusing on improvements in efficiency, processes, operations and company culture. Leah holds a BA in Urban Studies, an MPA in Public Administration and a Ph.D. in Public Policy & Public Administration from The George Washington University.

Michael Jantz Moon, DC Vegan’s Co-Founder & COO

Michael is an entrepreneur and creative with over 20 years of experience managing, producing, marketing and promoting events and over 15 years of fine dining and front of house restaurant experience. Michael has toured with Paul Simon, Brian Wilson – played with Train, The Black Crowes and even Barry Manilow (no really!). Michael thinks big and has even attempted world records. As COO, Michael excels in doing what entrepreneurs do best – solving problems.

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