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Foodservice for Thought is a podcast that shares the thoughts and insights from professionals in all areas of the foodservice industry to transparently unite and strengthen the business of serving food to the public, no matter where they are.Foodservice for Thought connects foodies, almost foodies and people who eat food with the industry that makes it, sells it, buys it, and serves it. Karey Clements and Justin Olivares will be talking to foodservice professionals like chefs, restaurant owners, nutritionists, dieticians, caterers, pastry chefs, kitchen designers, restaurant interior designers, farmers, food manufacturers, restaurant equipment manufacturers and pretty much anyone who might have anything to do with the food you eat when you aren’t at home.So if you love food, if you are curious about all aspects of the foodservice & hospitality industry and want to be sure there are always great places to enjoy food this is your kind of podcast. And the regular favor all podcasts ask…please subscribe, rate and review. Pretty please with all your favorite foods on top.

In this episode, Karey and Justin are joined by Glenn Bullock, the CEO of Antunes. During the conversation, they discuss the current and future use of automation in foodservice and how that impact not only large chain operations, but independent restaurants as well. They also explore the future of foodservice through the lens of the pandemic and we kick things off with Fire the Board!

Antunes is a leading manufacturer of foodservice equipment specializing in countertop cooking and water treatment equipment for the global commercial foodservice industry. In fact global chains such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, KFC and Sonic partner with Antunes. These foodservice giants rely on the high quality, innovative products manufactured by Antunes.

Glenn Bullock is the CEO of Antunes, founded by August J. Antunes in 1955. The business remains family owned and operated with Glenn and his wife, Jane, as the second-generation owners. Glenn has been the CEO for more than 20 years, with Antunes growing sustainably throughout his tenure to more than 350 team members worldwide. Since 2011, Antunes has been recognized as a Chicagoland Top Workplace on five occasions. The company has and continues to garner dozens of awards from the industry and customers based on partnership, quality, energy efficiency, and reliability.

Under Glenn’s leadership, Antunes has expanded to three manufacturing facilities: Carol Stream, Illinois; Suzhou, China; and Chennai, India – selling into more than 150 countries.

As owners of Antunes, Glenn and Jane Bullock have created a strong culture leading to robust, customer-focused, solution-based strategy that places customer success at the heart of the company’s mission.

From a philanthropic point of view, Glenn and Jane continue to support Splash in their worldwide efforts, along with a diverse array of team member-led causes as part of an expanding mission of corporate social responsibility that touches communities locally and around the globe.


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