Wine Soundtrack – USA

Wine Soundtrack – USA


Wine Soundtrack, one of Italy’s leading podcasts about wine, is the voice of the Italian wine growers and winemakers. Wine Soundtrack was launched in Italy in May 2017 and is now launching in the U.S. In each podcast, wine producers share the story of who they are and their winery through a series of 30 questions.

Wine Soundtrack was created to bring to life an idea of sharing and insight; it allows wine lovers to listen to the hopes, dreams, intuitions, prospects, loves and passions of the protagonists of the wine world, directly from their own voices.

Wine Soundtrack will make you smile and amuse you through the voices of those who have decided to express their own character, their own dreams and their own ambitions in each bottle of wine. Wine Soundtrack will lead us through the vineyards of ideas and of visionary thinking and will share the passion of these producers. Follow us on our web site We are proud to be Eugene, Oregon’s first bonded winery, with a heritage of hospitality that spans nearly four decades and three generations of female leadership. Established in 1979 by Doyle Hinman, Hinman Vineyards quickly became a top-selling winery in the state before being purchased in 1993 by Carolyn Chambers. A well-respected business and civic leader with deep roots in the Eugene community, Chambers rebranded the winery to Silvan Ridge after her maiden name “Silva,” and recruited her daughter Elizabeth out of a career in finance to act as General Manager. In just five short years, Elizabeth established Silvan Ridge as one of the foremost wineries in Oregon by limiting production to high quality wines reflective of the unique roots of Eugene and the Southern Willamette Valley. Today, Elizabeth’s daughter Julia acts as co-president alongside her husband, Andrew Stiltner. Together, they are championing a vision to bring the unassuming, casual elegance that Eugene is known for to the homes, tables, and celebrations of wine enthusiasts across the nation.
Under the guiding hand of our winemaker Juan Pablo “JP” Valot, Silvan Ridge Winery offers wine enthusiasts a selection of diverse and food-friendly wines representing the very best of the Southern Willamette Valley

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