The Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast

The Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast


In this podcast I will be chatting to experts in all areas of BBQ. The purpose of this podcast is to help people to once again claim the title King of the Grill and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!

This episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions BBQ Podcast is Part 2 of a 2 part ‘After Dark’ series recorded at the always amazing Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer and BBQ Festival. In Pt 2, I’m joined by Chad Griffin from Smoke Masters BBQ in a stint as co-host, as well as Matt Brien from Smokin’ Forties, Drinkin’ Shorties, and Cheyne Whitemore from Long Paddock Meats and That South Coast Rub Guy. So settle in and get comfortable for this really interesting chat with some up and comers on the competition BBQ scene.

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