Fire and Water Cooking – The Fusion of Barbecue, Grilling and Sous Vide

Fire and Water Cooking – The Fusion of Barbecue, Grilling and Sous Vide


Fire & Water Cooking is dedicated to teaching and discussing the cooking methods of barbecue, smoking, grilling and Sous Vide. We show how these methods can work really well together and separately to produce some of the best food you can make at home. Join us as we discuss barbecue, smoking, grilling, sous vide, and all types of cooking! From time to time we will have special guests and topics so make sure you subscribe! Fire & Water Cooking also has a YouTube channel, Facebook Group and Page, and other social media channels. Check out our website at and visit the “Recommended Products” Section! Thanks for following us!

Check out my discussion with Dennis Schutte, owner and inventor of Duck Fat Cooking Spray! 5 years ago, Dennis stumbled on an idea that nobody else dared to take on! Bringing Duck Fat in the form of a spray can for much easier applications to home cooks everywhere! Find out why Cornhusker Kitchen is the ONLY producer and just what it took to bring this revolutionary product to market!
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