My First Indie Film

My First Indie Film

by Jason Baumgardner

October 25, 2019 9:30 pm

Follow along the 90-Day journey as a first-time director, Jason Baumgardner, makes his maiden voyage into no-budget filmmaking. Hear recaps of each day as the filmmaker goes from finding an idea, writing the screenplay, directing the film, and editing the footage.
All in 90-DAYS! Day 59: Inclement weather returns to town but filming is in a basement so production stays the course. Jason and Doug collaborate to solve lighting needs from out of story and then work through stepping on each other’s toes for the first time. Jason loves how performances elevated what he had imagined for the ending and discusses how to better protect the important scenes in your shooting schedule. Subscribe to the filmmaking journey as each day Jason chronicles his first micro-budget, indie film. Follow along for all the up-and-downs of the filmmaking process and be inspired to make an INDIE FILM! Twitter: @MrJBaum Film updates:

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Day 59: Safe in the Scary Basement 3 weeks ago 17m
Day 58: Filming in Anson, Texas 3 weeks ago 19m
Day 57: Tornado! 3 weeks ago 20m
Day 56: Exciting Footage 3 weeks ago 29m
Day 55: First Day of Shooting! 4 weeks ago 24m
Day 54: Last Day of Pre-Production 4 weeks ago 17m
Day 53: Everyone Reads Script 4 weeks ago 16m
Day 51-52: The 20 Hour Rewrite 4 weeks ago 10m
Day 50: Preproduction Battles 1 month ago 14m
Day 49: New Location Resets Entire Story 1 month ago 19m
Day 48: Stress and Solutions 1 month ago 25m
Day 47: Casting Leads 1 month ago 16m
Day 46: Different Actors, Different Movie 1 month ago 12m
Day 45: Process of Callbacks 1 month ago 14m
Day 44: Location Scouting 1 month ago 8m
Day 42-43: Passion of Others 1 month ago 11m
Day 41: Reworking Story Again 1 month ago 9m
Day 40: Movie Title Time! 2 months ago 10m
Day 39: Two Weeks From Filming 2 months ago 10m
Day 37-38: Script Feedback 2 months ago 9m
Day 36: Excited Anxiety 2 months ago 8m
Day 35: Plans Taking Shape 2 months ago 6m
Day 31-34: First Draft Finished 2 months ago 19m
Day 30: Night Lighting Problem 2 months ago 7m
Day 29: Getting Crew from Twitter 2 months ago 7m
Day 27-28: Writing 21 Pages a Day 2 months ago 13m
Day 26: Picking Story Values 2 months ago 7m
Day 24-25: A DP as Crazy as Me 2 months ago 7m
Day 23: Have to Redo Everything 2 months ago 8m
Days 21-22: Mastermind the Audience 2 months ago 7m
Day 19-20: The Lie of Perfection 2 months ago 10m
Day 18: Movie Outline Strategies 2 months ago 11m
Day 17: Self-Inflicted Stress 2 months ago 4m
Day 14-16: Not an Underdog 2 months ago 8m
Day 13: Possible Investors 2 months ago 7m
Day 12: Pressure of Failing Builds 2 months ago 6m
Day 11: Expectation vs Reality 2 months ago 7m
Day 10: Trust Your Priorities 2 months ago 3m
Day 9: Being Mentally Strong 2 months ago 10m
Day 8: Encouragement of Networking 2 months ago 6m
Day 7: Filmmaking Experience 2 months ago 10m
Day 6: What You Are Made To Do 2 months ago 12m
Day 5: Writing Morning Pages 2 months ago 10m
Day 4: Importance to Create 2 months ago 10m
Day 3: Creating a Checklist 2 months ago 3m
Day 2: This is a Bad Idea 2 months ago 8m
Day 1 of 90: No-Budget Filmmaking Inspiration 3 months ago 9m
My First Indie Film - Matt Foley (Chris Farley) motivates Jason to direct his first feature film 4 months ago 6m