Make Them Pretty with Gretzie Parth

Make Them Pretty with Gretzie Parth


Gretzie Parth is a Professional Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur and Educator who has turned her University side hustle into a six-figure reality. Her newest venture, “MAKE THEM PRETTY” is dedicated to helping aspiring & growing beauty professionals on how make their business goals a reality. On her podcast, “Make Them Pretty with Gretzie Parth”, she will be interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, and content creators who are who are going to unpack powerful tools, techniques, and information that you can apply to growing and expanding your beauty business and personal brand. So, pour yourself a glass of something PRETTY good & don’t look back. If she can do it, so can you.

Welcome back pretty people! In this solosode episode, Gretzie is spilling the tea on a recent experience she had with a brand seeking to “collaborate” and why she turned it down.

If you find yourself saying yes to many collaborations and not seeing a benefit in return … this episode is for you. Gretzie shares how to know if something is a true collab versus a collab with an ulterior motive, what she takes into consideration before agreeing to collaborate, and how to know if someone has a hidden agenda.

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