Twin Talk with the Carrie and Ginny

Twin Talk with the Carrie and Ginny


We are identical twin sisters! Ginny is working in marketing and is currently interning at NBC Universal. Carrie is an actress and has a degree in Film and TV production and has worked for Broadway producers. Carrie also studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, and created a successful Youtube series about her travels. Together we have had 7 internships in TV, business, and fashion. We live together in a studio apartment in downtown Manhattan. Twin instagram: (@carrieandginny) Carrie’s instagram: (@_carrieking) Ginny’s instagram: (@ginnykingfit) Twin youtube channel: (Carrie and Ginny King)

Welcome to TWIN TALK! We are identical twin sisters who live in New York City and Rhode Island. Ginny is working in the corporate world at NBCUniversal while teaching group fitness classes at Equinox. Carrie works in Film and TV production and is writing her own novel while volunteering with horses.

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