Ten Years Apart Podcast

Ten Years Apart Podcast


Ten Years Apart is a podcast recently started September 2020 of two cousins talk about everything going on in their lives and today’s world. They both have unique perspectives Virtuoso (Anthony) is a twitch streamer and just out of high school. Alex has a disability but has never let that stop him from living a full life. They are excited to share all their unique experiences of life with you all, and look forward to further connecting with their audience. Please feel free to reach out on social media and please do enjoy the show!Follow us on Instagram @tenyears_apart Virtuoso Instagram: @virtuoso32Alex Instagram: @tucsonalexEmail us at tenyearsapart32@gmail.com for any suggestions/questions

On this episode we continue the conversation with our guest Brianna. We talk about Anthony being private with his relationship with Brianna. We also play a short game would you rather. We conclude the conversation with scenarios of death. Thank you for listening hope you enjoy! Thanks to our Guest Brianna for coming on and being vulnerable with us we are definitely going to have another episode in the future. Feel free to give us feedback.

Brianna Instagram: @briannaov

Follow us on Instagram @tenyears_apart

Anthony Instagram: @itstonydom

Alex Instagram: @tucsonalex

Email us at tenyearsapart32@gmail.com for any suggestions/questions

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