Straight Up Sisters The Podcast

Straight Up Sisters The Podcast


A podcast hosted by 2 sisters, RaqC and La Susie….The baby and the oldest. Raised by the same parents, same household, that chose 2 different life paths. They agree to disagree ALOT and if you don’t know them you would think they are fighting, but they talk passionately. A show where nothing is off limits. These 2 sisters are talking about it ALL, relationships, sex, marriage, dating, career, health and everything in between. RaqC IG: @raqcsworld Susie IG: @lasusie Email:

On today’s episode we really dive deep into the topic of FEAR! That 4 letter word that stops MANY from pursuing their passions, from making moves that are necessary, and from breaking free from generational cycles. This episode will hit home for many people. Our goal with this episode is for it to be an eye opener to YOU! Share this episode with a friend that you may feel needs to hear this type of conversation.

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