Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts


Second-guessers and over-thinkers, sisters Paula & Pia Cuerquis open up about their ever-evolving thoughts, feelings, and life choices. Intended to inspire and entertain, these two twenty-something-year-olds talk candidly about the whys, the what-ifs, and the what’s next in life. Follow along as they share their perspectives on life’s highs and lows through unsolicited advice and commentary on real and relatable experiences.

This week we are joined by the fabulous host and producer of The Moral Hangover Podcast! Katie and Vic are your cheerleaders, love coaches, career guides, and bffs—all wrapped in one. In this episode, we take a deep dive into what “adulting” really means and how everyone is on their own path to success. Once you graduate college, no one ever talks about what really happens next. The girls discuss how they’re managing their post-grad life—working full-time jobs, pursuing various side hustles, maintaining social lives, and so much more! Katie and Vic also talk about their dating life. Katie spills the tea on what it’s like dating in a COVID world and why you should never lower your standards for anyone. Vic also shares her secret to her 8-year-long relationship and how she and her partner keep it healthy and interesting. Tune in for this high-energy episode where you’ll be sure to relate to their everyday struggles and laugh alongside the craziness that is four 20-something-year-olds on a podcast together.

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