Letters to You

Letters to You


Your not so ordinary mailbox. Welcome to Letters to You, a seasonal podcast between two siblings inspired by mundane conversations and insightful stories over good food & coffee. We believe that everyone needs help remembering that life is what we make of it and though we all walk our own paths, we’re never really alone on the journey. Through our episodes, we hope you embrace every part of your story no matter the fun & crazy as much as we have. So here we are, celebrating every shenanigan of life as we speak letters to ourselves and to you too…◡̈ Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/letterstoyoupodcast/support

You’ve heard of Long Distance Relationships… well nobody was fully ready for LOCKDOWN distance relationships. LDR’s are a common theme in global popular culture. We’re familiar with the concept, most people avoid it but a year into this pandemic, we are finding ourselves cut off physically from the people we care about.

In today’s episode we try to break things down on how being so distant in a technologically connected world can actually work. Everyone has their challenges in keeping in touch, and we try to talk through all of them and how we’ve managed to find what’s worked to keep our relationships strong. Hope you find some resonance and are encouraged to keep on keeping on. Who knows! You may find something you’ve never tried before that can breathe some new life into the bonds you have with the people you love.

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