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Siblings She-She, Tone, and Wopsle review the things that really matter. Things like spelling, Frank Sinatra, and other people’s driving. It is our sworn duty to deliver the most important reviews in the history of the world, to help guide all of humanity. Have a burning desire to know what Kick the Cool thinks about mini-blinds? Selfies? Nebulae? Just ask! Join us every Monday for more reviews you didn’t know you needed, everywhere you get your podcasts!

Wopsle is crazy busy right now so it’s REWIND! time. Enjoy Episode 23, where we talk about Workplace Bathroom Usage, one of my favorite conversations we’ve had!

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Reviews include: Sibling Order, Workplace Bathroom Usage, Cats, Gas Station Food

Thank you SO MUCH for being a loyal listener! And we’re just getting started, folks!

Love you, byyyyye!!

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