I’m Telling Mom

I’m Telling Mom


I’m Telling Mom, the podcast about 3 brothers catching up, playing games, annndddd… creating disappointing cliff-hangers. Join Clase, Mason, and Landen each and every Tuesday as they reminisce on simpler times, growing up in the 90s, find the hilarious side of adulting, and play the dumbest games their brains can possibly conceive. If you’ve been looking for a podcast that joins together hilarious stupidity, brotherly love, and TINY nuggets of wisdom and lesser-known facts, look no further! Jump on in, the waters warm… (you can thank Mason for that)!

Hey neighbor, thanks for listening!
We start today’s episode talking about Satanists, isn’t that fun? Continuing cruising with us on this hellish ride to learn what surprising first products Nintendo, Lego, and other popular companies’ originally sold at inception.
From there, enjoy getting thrown into even more disturbing conversations from Landen’s segment called Moral Dilemma.
Special thanks to the sponsor of today’s episode: amirite.com, where Mason first fell in love by asking thought-provoking questions like, “You still have no idea what ‘P.U.’ stands for, amirite?”

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