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“Wynne the Day” with host Wynne Elder is a short, simple yet impactful podcast meant just for you, mama! If you are tired of living in constant stress, chaos, and overwhelm – then you will be so encouraged week after week as we dive into how to create a life that you love. I truly believe that it’s possible for you, and believe it starts with creating sustainable rhythms. Join me and learn how you can truly WIN your day! I’d love to connect further, find me online here: https://www.instagram.com/wynneelder/ http://www.wynneelder.com/

Welcome back to our conversation on theme days!

And if you’re just joining us, here’s a quick recap…

Theme days are batching like things together and giving these tasks a home in our calendars. In short, using theme days helps us be more intentional with our time.

Our first step in implementing theme days is discovering what matters most to you! Not what you should do, but what you truly want to do!

So my encouragement to you is to think of the major priorities in your week that need to be done. What are things you do every single week in this season of your life that you could fit into a theme day? Grocery shopping? Meal planning? Scheduling appointments? Connecting with your kids, etc.?

Instead of every single week looking at your calendar to figure out when to schedule these things, let’s give them a home on our calendars to make these things FLOW!

Reminder: the goal isn’t perfection, it’s creating more peace for yourself.

And if you like hearing how other people are applying the concept of theme days…in this episode I’m also sharing what my theme days look like for the season I’m in. I hope this encourages you!

Thanks for listening, friend!

Resources from this episode:

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