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Are you a working parent looking for advice, inspiration and learning how others also manage the juggle? This podcast is for you! The Working Mumma podcast is designed to provide you with real-world tips, tricks and advice to all working mums (& dads) on balancing work and family. Each episode we’ll share interviews with fellow working parents, learn about their experiences in becoming a parent and deep dive into their topic of expertise. Your host Carina O’Brien, is a fellow working parent trying to manage the juggle of career and family. If you want free resources, tips & tricks to help you in being a working parent, then check out the freebies at and continue the conversation by joining the free Working Mumma Community
Today I speak with Aparna Sundar on how to get organised at home.

Aparna is a KonMari consultant and in this episode we talk about how organising your home can have positive influences on your whole life. When we set up the discussion I thought the topic of home organisation was going to be about cleaning room by room, but as Aparna quickly made me realise it is so much more. We need to look at organising holistically and it is more of a mindset shift than anything else, thinking about your future self and organising is only a small part of that.

During the episode we cover:
* 6 steps to the KonMari(TM) method and how you can implement these today in your own home
* Talking about the common myths and challenges when it comes to home organisation
* Overcoming our own limiting beliefs
* Organisation tips for baby, children, food preparation and storage
* Involving children from a young age in home organisation and the benefits of toy rotation

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