Wake up and Thrive

Wake up and Thrive


Bridget Covill is a certified relationship coach, a wife, a mom of 4, and an RN sharing tangible tools that have transformed her life and her relationships. She has helped countless women around the world to experience the same. In this space, we will learn holistic coaching tools in the context of everyday moments that we deem hard. Instead of allowing those experiences to keep us stuck, we will lean into their lessons and let them wake us up. Grab a cup of coffee, have something to take notes and keep an open mind. It’s time….it’s time to WAKE UP & THRIVE.

Tune into a special, unscripted interview with my husband Paul. Is your husband resistant to learning this work? My husband was too, but he shares very candidly why he was willing to go on a marriage retreat and how it impacted him and how he shows up in our marriage. This will be a great episode to send your husbands so that they can get a guy’s perspective on the importance of learning and embodying these different energies within your relationship.
Book Recommendations:
David Deida: Dear Lover (A woman’s guide) & The Way of the Superior Man (A man’s guide)

Allison Armstrong: Keys to the Kingdom & The Queen’s Code

**** If you want specific guidance on practicing this in your marriage and learning to communicate in a way that draws him in vs sending him to retreat or go on the defense, then come join my Communication Even taking place next Wednesday, November 9, 10, and 11th.

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