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Two Mums One Pod


Two Mums One Pod is not just another mum podcast. This will be your go-to when you need to escape the monotonous daily grind of mumlife. When you FINALLY put the kids to sleep and pour yourself that glass of red you have been dreaming about since 7 am 🍷Think of it as your weekly catch-up with the gals, bitch, unload, relax and get shit off your chest with a mum life spin. We are SO excited as Katie would say ‘get in your ear holes’ so we hope you join us for the ride #wedontknowwhatweredoing

WELCOMEEEEE to another killer ep of Two Mums One Pod.
We are hyped to be here obvs.

Katie and I find MORE differences between P’city and Sydney… one being Sydney has no cool nicknames. Katie drinks milk from a carton, I KNOW RIGHT SHES A CRAZY BITCH! And we introduce ourselves and tell you some fun facts you might not know. AND we go on a tangent about business life, is it what we expected?



Kick back, relax, pour yourself a glass of your fav beveragino and listen to us not have our shit together… literally, this ep is as shitty as it can get.

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