T*ts, Tums and All Things Mum

T*ts, Tums and All Things Mum


Welcome to my podcast, tits, tums and all things mum. Motherhood is fun isn’t it? Forever covered in bodily fluids, never time for a pee in peace let alone a hot cuppa and then there’s the joys of toddler tantrums! It’s a good job those little toe rags are cute! This podcast is a judgement free digital space where my guests and I will discuss the realities of modern motherhood and normalise the normal mum. My guests and I are going to be real, candid and unfiltered so come on in and join us on tits, tums and all things mum.

WARNING! This podcast contains explicit content from graphic mum life moments to profanities, rants and a whole load of laughs. Not for tiny ears!

In this episode the amazing Bex Oxtoby- author of Mums The Word 1 and 2 comes back!!! She has been so highly demanded so of course I got her back on for you! You will not be disappointed.

Host- Lottie


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Guest- Bex

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