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Welcome to This Mama Means Business with Kylie Kelly. A podcast empowering self employed women to do life on their own terms, especially those that are raising their babies while they build their business. I want you be able to design the life of your dreams and fucking live it. Join me, your host Kylie Kelly, in empowering conversations with incredible guest experts covering everything from starting and building your business and your family, right through to scaling beyond your wildest dreams. Together, we’re going to show you how to be a mother and a CEO – AND be wildly successful at both. Because yes, it is possible to have it all.

Natalie Mendlesohn joins me for this episode all about fitness – and the importance of moving our bodies so they become strong, not just look good! We also talked about muscle loss after the age of 30 and what we can do to ensure that our bodies remain strong as we become older women.


– Why exercise and movement is so important during pregnancy – and what it means for your recovery from birth and throughout postpartum.
– How Natalie recommends you get started with movement when you’re pregnant.
– Why movement & exercise can help you avoid injuries during birth and how if you pair that with a pelvic floor physiotherapist, it can be really beneficial.
– What happens to our bodies after the age of 30 and why it’s so important to build muscle and strength as older women.


Natalie was a high school teacher for almost 10 years. Alongside her job, she has always loved & lived all things fitness – so while she was still a teacher, she took various qualifications and set up fitness classes to help other women move and increase their strength. She had her first child and whilst on maternity leave, built up a solid business of 1:1 clients, which meant she could leave her traditional teaching career and dive head first into being self employed. Now she trains mums online and in person through her fitness programs.


Instagram: @natalie_mendlesohn


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