this is going to be FUN: enjoy parenting teens

this is going to be FUN: enjoy parenting teens


Enjoy being a mom of teens without worrying that you are doing it all wrong! Cultivate confidence, connection and fun and be the example you want your kids to follow. This podcast will teach you practical tools and tips that will help you stop surviving motherhood and start enjoying it.

The statistics of how many teenage girls and boys hate their bodies are shocking and remind just how vital it is to teach our teens a healthy body-image.

This episode shares the shocking statistics and the impact it is having on our teens. It also offers a new perspective that will promote body-positivity in your home.

You will be amazed at how amazing your body really is after listening to this episode and you will have a few strategies to help you find even more things to love about your body. The way you think about and talk about bodies shapes the way your teen feels about their body, and this episode will give you the tools to build more body positivity in your home and family.

Want more help rewiring your thoughts about your body…or your teen’s body? That is part of the work we do inside my ENJOY Coaching Community. Join now and get the personalized help and support you need.

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