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The Part-Time Jungle Podcast


The People Teaching People Podcast is the place to talk about all things teaching and learning. Hosted by educator, course development consultant, lifelong learner, and mom of three, Tiana Fech, this podcast will dive into how education truly plays an important and integral role in all facets of our lives – how we work, do business, live, play, explore, and build relationships. Get curious and be inspired by personal reflections and conversations about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of teaching and learning in a world where there is always more to discover.

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Facebook: @tianafech In this episode with Julie Van Rosendaal, we’re talking about what you can learn through cooking. You will get some great meal ideas, gain insight into the very real challenge of food insecurity in Canada, and see how teaching and learning opportunities are plentiful in the world of food and cooking. Julie has been a go-to resource for me whenever the question comes up of “What’s for dinner?” She is someone who looks for ways to make a difference in the world and truly takes action. She is passionate about food and making it accessible and enjoyable. Julie is the Calgary-based author of twelve best-selling cookbooks. She has been the food columnist on the Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio One for 17 years, writes about food for the Globe and Mail, and for the past twenty years has been a freelance food writer and columnist for other publications across Canada. Julie teaches, speaks and cooks at culinary schools and events across the country, and has a very engaged audience on her social media channels and website, Dinner with Julie. Listen in as we talk about: The Kitchen Club. Julie wanted to bring kids across the country together to learn how to make delicious food. The rising cost of groceries and cost of living. Julie shares, amidst growing concerns around grocery costs and overall cost of living, how we can ensure we’re maximizing our dollar. Understanding where our food actually comes from. Julie can be known for digging into the real story and finding out where the food we consume actually comes from. Learning through cooking. I ask Julie her best tips to take some of the stress out of meal prep and cooking and how to make these fun learning experiences for ourselves and our families. Connect with Julie: Website: Instagram: @dinnerwithjulie Twitter: @dinnerwithjulie Facebook: @dinnerwithjulie Connect with Tiana: Website: LinkedIn: Tiana Fech Instagram: @tianafech Facebook: @tianafech Book: Online Course Creation 101: A step-by-step guide to creating your first online course THE KITCHEN CLUB “We all have so much to learn from each other, and that’s one thing that I love about food. There’s so much to know and it’s impossible to know everything about food.” During the thick of the pandemic years, Julie knew kids were at home, bored with not much to do. She got the idea to start The Kitchen Club, which brought together kids all over the country virtually, to participate in what she calls The Kitchen Club – for free. Julie taught them how to make croissants, cream puffs, and other foods parents wouldn’t typically think about their kids having. The ingredients were what you generally already have at home. It brought families together and inspired kids to learn and want to learn how to do more than they thought they could. THE RISING COST OF GROCERIES AND COST OF LIVING “Knowing what to do with what you have is key.” It’s no secret that the rising cost of living and expensive groceries can make us worry about how we will pay our bill and keep nutritious food on the table. Julie explains to us in this episode how much food we tend to waste without realizing it, and why buying fresh food is actually cheaper than buying fast food. She also talks about the importance of learning how to make different meals out of what you already have in the fridge, so that when dinner time comes around, you aren’t left wondering what to cook for the 4th night in a row. Start with the ingredients versus the recipe. UNDERSTANDING WHERE OUR FOOD ACTUALLY COMES FROM Where does our food come from? Over the years, Julie has asked and questioned this, as well as done her research into the foods we consume,

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