The Limitless Mother Podcast

The Limitless Mother Podcast


Can I be a great business owner AND an amazing mother? Can I do work that lights me up, works flexibly around my family AND pays me really well? Can I have it all? Cori Javid brings you The Limitless Mother Podcast where each week she’ll be arming you with the strategy, mindset and dash of woo you need to become successful because you are a mother, not in spite of it. Cori is a Success Coach, Business Mentor, mother and tea drinker who supports her clients in creating and growing Flexible, Fulfilling and Profitable businesses (her signature framework). Her genius is in helping mothers with online businesses remove the limits to create and attract more ideal clients, more time freedom and more money. Cori replaced her corporate salary within 3 months of launching, doubled it within 7 and hit her first 5-figure month in just 11 months all while working 25 hours a week, often less. Having nailed the business + motherhood balance herself, she is now hugely passionate about educating, inspiring and empowering her loyal community to create their very own vision of success. Cori believes you CAN have it all and wants to show you how.

CEO. Three little letters that can make you feel pumped up or running in the other direction. Badass Boss Bitch or boring middle aged guy in a grey suit?

On today’s show we’re talking about the term CEO. I don’t care what you’ve previously believed to be true about this term… I’m here to declare that we are reclaiming this term, my love. We’re creating our OWN definition. One that is relevant to us. One that resonates with us. One that makes us rise up and RECLAIM this term and make it our own. Feminine energy style.

How many female CEOs do you know who are kicking ass at business, living their limitless lives and showing up as the kind of mothers they want to be? I’m guessing not many.

Well, not anymore! That changes, TODAY my love!

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