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The Freedom Moms Podcast


Formerly The Freedom Moms Podcast — Become your own parenting expert. Connection-based parenting can come naturally and simply- through learning helpful mindset and emotion tools. Join the radical shift from mainstream ideas on parenting philosophies and learn to step into your own inner power.

Recent Episodes

  • S07|13 - Shame-Free Sex Education with Carlie, The Christian Sex Educator

    12 hours ago
  • S07|12 - Teaching Our Kids About Porn: Shame-free and Sex-Positive with Sara Brewer

    1 week ago
  • S07|11 - Your Cyclical Superpowers: Menstruation, Perimenopause and Embracing Your Feminine Lifestyle with Ashlee Sorensen

    2 weeks ago
  • S07|10 - Elevating Motherhood: The Impact of Life Coaching with Danielle Thienel

    3 weeks ago
  • S07|09 - Parenting Passionately: Elevating Your Sex Life in Marriage with Amanda Louder

    4 weeks ago
  • S07|08 - Mom Rage in Motherhood and Parenting

    1 month ago
  • S07|07 - Navigating Parenting through Trauma, Triggers and Rage with Grace (Maggie Nick, Parenting With Perspectacles)

    1 month ago
  • S07|06 - Empowering Teens: Preventing Pornography Use and Promoting Healthy Screen Habits with Dr. Finlayson-Fife

    2 months ago
  • S07|05 - Empowering Couples in Parenting and Partnerships with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

    2 months ago
  • S07|04 - My Story

    2 months ago