Stay At Home Mom? Yeah Right!

Stay At Home Mom? Yeah Right!


Hey friends! My name is Sarah Smith and I like to call myself a Stay At Home Mom? Yeah Right! I’m a married mother of three (and a dog!) and a homemaker who rarely finds herself at home! I’m sure my fellow stay-at-home moms out there can relate. On this podcast I will be speaking candidly with my fellow parents and non-parents alike about the ups and downs and ins and outs of their personal journeys. Join me as we connect and converse about the highs and lows of being a parent, or (as the case may be) for whatever reason having never been a parent. Together we will learn all about how our guests were parented and how they parent – because every parent can stand to learn and a thing or two, am I right? And of course we will delve into the duties of the most under-appreciated member of the workforce – the stay-at-home moms! So please check us out every week for fun, honest, thought-provoking, challenging, and occasionally difficult conversations about the best “hood” there is – the parenthood.

Kendra Cole is a mom of three kids, wife, IVF warrior and CEO of The CryptoMom App (, a cryptocurrency investment platform designed for those who identify as women and moms.
As a mom to two daughters, her mission is to empower the next generation of female investors to leverage cryptocurrency as part of their wealth-building journey. She created The CryptoMom App after realizing that current exchanges do not cater to the technology and lifestyle preferences of women and moms. Unlike any other investment platform that exists, her platform will allow users to buy and sell coin, allocate coin to college funds and other practical products, and give the gift of crypto for special occasions, like birthdays, graduations, and baby showers. She’s so proud that her platform has captured the attention of Amazon, who selected us to participate in its Impact Accelerator for Black Founders, a prestigious program that supports underrepresented startup founders with the goal of building a more diverse cloud.

Throughout her journey to launch, she has juggled two full-time jobs, multiple rounds of IVF, nursing a newborn, and a life-threatening sickle cell diagnosis for her daughter – all while pitching investors, securing funding, and building her startup from the ground up. Despite these trying experiences, these challenges have given her the grit, foresight and agility needed to succeed as a female founder in a heavily male-dominated tech industry.

On the podcast we chatted about:
-Her daughter who received her sickle cell donor from her sister with a 17% chance of her being a match.
-What cryptocurrency is.
-How and why she go into cryptocurrency.
-Why women and moms should get into cryptocurrency now.
-What women and moms will get from the cyrptomom app.

And so much more!

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