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She Just Glows: The Podcast


She Just Glows: The Podcast levels up the inspiration Janie Porter has brought to millions of moms in her publications throughout the past decade by crossing into the life coaching space with a podcast that sparks motivation, inspiration and goal-setting fire for every listener. Each week, Janie dives into real-life topics and tools for loving yourself in a world that demands perfection, thriving amidst the daily chaos and finding joy and purpose in your life – just as it is today. An Emmy-nominated former TV news reporter, Janie has appeared everywhere from the TODAY Show to the Huffington Post, and her writings have been viewed more than 4 million times. is the place to read more about Janie, her work as a life coach and her posts about mom life, body image, self-love and everything in between. New episodes drop every Monday.

Do you ever go to a restaurant and put your phone on the tabletop so you can see every update that comes in during your meal? Do you find yourself tapping your phone’s black screen to check for notifications but there are zero? When you’re watching TV, do you ever start scrolling during commercials only to look up 2 hours later to see your show’s over and it’s dark out? Do you ever feel like, at the end of the day, you didn’t miss a single phone notification but never once looked your child in the eye?

If any of those scenarios sound like you, this 3-part series of She Just Glows: The Podcast is just for you! I’m Janie, and I’m honored to serve as a life coach and writer, and mom to my 4 kids. My phone is a huge part of my multi-tasking life, but I started noticing that the constant checking was depriving me of joy and purpose in my everyday. This 3-part series is your roadmap to ditching the frenetic, scattered energy and getting back to a phone-life balance that works in real life.

What you’ll learn in this podcast series:

– 5 steps to your own digital reset for better phone-life balance
– 5 times in my everyday that I’m never available + ideas for you
– My screen-free Sundays practice + how to implement your own version
– The LLC approach to ruthlessly edit your phone
– 3-part checklist for doing your own phone purge today as you listen to the episode

Posts mentioned in this series:

– How To Be More Productive + Less Frustrated This Summer
– The Beauty I Found In 36 Hours With No Cell Phone, Laptop Or TV

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