Pushing Strollers Up Boulders

Pushing Strollers Up Boulders


Welcome to Pushing Strollers up Boulders! Believe us, we get it. Mommin’ is super hard right now. For first time mommas to experienced veterans, parenting can seem overwhelming to navigate these days. This podcast was created to build community around both new pandemic moms and moms of older kiddos.So, whether you are hiding from your kids in your closet or relaxing in a bubble bath, let us be your village of support. Laugh with us, cry with us, and know that you always have a village here on Pushing Strollers up Boulders!

What’s scarier than time moving too fast!? Kate and Jayme discuss how they have changed as mothers and as individuals in the past two years. Discussions include owning your motherhood, picking your battles, parenting styles, and more. Listen in!

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