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Mums’ Night Out


Life as a busy Mum can feel, at best, a glorious juggle and, at worst, overwhelming chaos! Mum’s Night Out is the podcast equivalent of a therapeutic catch-up with your girlfriends over a glass of wine (or two!!) Your hosts, Sophie and Rachel are just two Mums juggling everything from family life to friendships, work to wine, self-care to self-development, money to motivation, healthy(ish) eating to hobbies, love, life and everything in between! Let’s get beyond the small talk!If you love nothing more than a good old chat with your friends, putting the World to rights and sharing ideas then this podcast is for you! Rachel and Sophie don’t have all the answers, far from it, but they’re not afraid to ask the questions and, just like any good night out with your Mum friends, where the chat goes nobody knows… So grab a glass of wine, stick in your headphones and let’s have a Mum’s Night Out..To make sure you don’t miss any episodes, be sure to subscribe and to connect with us come and follow over on @mumsnightoutpodcast on Facebook or Instagram or join our growing community in our Mums’ Night Out Facebook Group.

Welcome back to another quick ‘Coffee Catch-up’ – a weekly thought from one Mum to another! A 5 minute episode to listen to whilst downing your coffee before the baby wakes up, or you have to start work or head out on the school run!

Today I give you a bit of a love punch and ask you to consider honestly whether you might be a little bit of a secret control freak? let’s look at some of the signs that you could be, why we do it, what the potential costs are and what we can do about it!

I hope you enjoy these quick little episodes and as always come over and hang out with me over on Facebook , Instagram or TikTok and if you enjoy any of the podcast episodes please do leave a rating and review so that other Mums can find the podcast and benefit from these episodes.

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