Mother of All Solutions

Mother of All Solutions


A podcast with stories from mums navigating their return to work – for parents, carers and employers. Hosted by Laura Broderick.

In this episode, released on World Mental Health Day 2022, Laura speaks with Clinical Psychologist Dr Emma Svanberg.

We speak about burnout and what that means for parents in particular. We cover recognising our feelings, and why we should take time to rest – even in small bursts. We also discuss the need for collective as well as individual healing. It was a fascinating and helpful conversation for me as the host – and I hope for you too.

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Dr Emma Svanberg can be contacted via or Instagram as @mumologist

Also discussed were:

Make Birth Better:

March of the Mummies on Saturday 29 October:

The podcast is presented and produced by Laura Broderick, with music by Ros Fraser. Thank you for listening!

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