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Mother Honestly Podcast


On the Mother Honestly podcast, we intersect mothers right where they’re at, providing inspiration, actionable steps and advice that complement her already-full to-do list (podcasts in the carpool line, anyone?) and hold space in her busy schedule for her personal growth and ambitions Mother Honestly podcast is the vision of Blessing Adesiyan, Founder & CEO of Mother Honestly, the fastest growing media company for modern ambitious women to thrive in and beyond motherhood.

Fred Johnson is the President & CFO of Team Select Home Care which is focused on shining a spotlight on the high-risk population of medically fragile children and their families. Fred has over 20+ years of global Fortune 500 experience across multiple industries, specializing in Finance, Strategy, Operations, Data Analytics, and substantial M&A exposure. Fred completed an undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, an MBA from Cleveland State, and an Advanced Certificate in Data Analytics from Cornell. Fred and his team want to educate the public and lawmakers that if they approve the CNA program for their state then parents/families of medically fragile children can become their children’s caregivers instead of constantly missing work and losing wages to care for their family.

Fred joins Kristen Hall, COO of Mother Honestly, to bring awareness to the growing challenges facing medically fragile children and their families. He provides an eye opening overview of the current environment and how his company is bringing awareness to this topic and fighting for change. Follow their work by visiting and their recent expansion into and on IG @theunforgottenfamiles to learn more about how to advocate for change.

The Mother Honestly Podcast is proudly sponsored by Motor City Woman Studios.

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