Moms Breaking Chains- Empowerment, Healing, Faith, Purpose, Moms Recovering from addiction, Empowerment Coaching, Healing for

Moms Breaking Chains- Empowerment, Healing, Faith, Purpose, Moms Recovering from addiction, Empowerment Coaching, Healing for


Moms Breaking Chains- Body Image Coach, Faith based coaching, healing, Self- love , Spiritual Growth, Positive Self- Talk, Positive Body Image, Faith based fitness, Empowerment Coach, Belief Systems , Fit Moms, Spirit led Mom, Renew your mindset, Empowerment for Moms, Life Coach, Fitness for Moms, Wellness Coaching Spiritual Growth- Renewed Mindset – Healing, Faith led moms , Body Image Empowerment , Body Image Coach Empowering Faith led Moms to renew their mindset around body image , fitness, and get healing by partnering with God in their journey ❤️ Are you tired of comparing yourself to other moms after baby bodies ? Do you find yourself speaking horribly to yourself, calling yourself names because your body doesn’t feel good to you? Do you still view fitness as a form of punishment to your body ? Do you feel mentally, physically and spiritually discouraged? As moms I understand we battle with those negative thoughts about how our bodies look, comparing ourselves to others, beat ourselves up about how we didn’t “bounce back “ right away . I completely get it. That was me & you are not alone . Hello my name is Monica Alvarez faith led, homeschool mama of 2 babies, wife, Body Image Empowerment coach, Boxing Trainer as well as a Certified Personal Trainer for Moms trying to break this vicious cycle of negative body image . I’ve always struggled with my body image since being as young as 12 . I had an eating disorder, took diet pills , crash diets , abused my body with harmful weight cuts for Boxing matches and eventually turned to hard drugs for 10 years. Even after becoming a trainer I struggled so bad to let go of this mindset that my body was for me not against me. After becoming a mom and suffering from Post partial depression I knew I needed to do something different for my children. They don’t deserve to suffer from this way of thinking that has caused me so much harm. My thinking of fitness & self love was distorted because I was focused on how society told me I should be and look . It wasn’t until I stopped trying to do things my way and I started really grounding myself in my spiritual journey with God that I began to view myself through a different set of lenses. Who told you that you aren’t beautiful or worthy enough because of your body image ? It’s a lie ! I hope to encourage and empower you in your journey to renew your mindset about your fitness , body image, & self talk . You are so worthy mama , it’s time you believe and step into it ❤️❤️ If you can relate and are wanting to break these chains for your family and generations to come, then you’re in the right place ! Welcome to the Moms Breaking Chains Community! Checkout my website for more info on coaching and podcast info Join our free Facebook Community group (BE SURE TO HIT VISIT GROUP TO LINK TO COMMUNITY PAGE) Follow me on Instagram: @moms_breaking_chains Website:

Happy Monday! In today’s episode I am excited to bring you these six different ways we can begin to create healthy body images with our children. The most important one if you have not guessed yet is the example we set with them.

Healthy you can create healthy habits for your family. From first hand experience dealing with some of these growing up I know what I do and do not want to do with our children.

Hope this reaches you in perfect timing!

Love and hugs,

Monica Rojas ( temporary email)

Remember no more social media so no community group at the moment. Email me any questions 🙂

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