Moms at Work with Jeanette Tapley

Moms at Work with Jeanette Tapley


Motherhood is a tough job. Then when we add in a career, keeping up the house, dinner time, and trying to maintain some social life, motherhood can be overwhelming. But we are here to break down those expectations. Join your host, Jeanette Tapley, as we come together weekly, tearing down the walls of expectations surrounding moms, and as we lean into the work in front of us, we will learn to trust God for the future of our families. We are not here to add to your to-do list. We are here to love and support you as you do the vital work you’re called to do, in and outside of your house.

Welcome to the Moms At Work Podcast! Grab your headphones and a cup of coffee, or whatever you choose to fill your cup with, and join your host Jeanette Tapley as we break free from the shame of having to plan it all!

Join Jeanette as she sits down with Lauren Chandler. Lauren is a pastors wife, author, worship leader and of course a mom! She is here to talk to us about what life as a creative is like when it comes to working. She shares how her work runs in seasons, how she writes, shuttles kids to and from and finds time with her older kids in the middle of it all!

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