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Are you sick of playing small in your freelancing business? Are you ready hit your income goals consistently? I was able to walk away from my teaching career the day my son was born and was making as much income in my freelancing business as I was in my job. Are you ready for that type of financial freedom so you can work a business at home with your kids being present for all those moments that actually matter? I’m here to walk you through step-by-step how I personally grew my freelancing business to a consistent 4-figure a month profit. This is for you if you are looking for the secrets to take your service-based business next level. The Freelancer to CEO podcast is hosted by mom & former elementary teacher turned business strategist and coach, Aubree Malick. Each week, I will be sharing business strategy, systems and tactical tips that you can take and implement into your business today so you can finally step into that CEO role you desire and have the financial freedom you crave. In addition to sharing my proven system that helped me launch and scale my own super successful freelancing business, I will interview others who are the best in their signature service so they can share their secrets on how to scale your business to new heights. We’re redefining what it means to be the CEO! So put in your earbuds, turn up that volume and let’s dive in!

Today I am chatting with fashion stylist Jenny Zook and we are talking about how you can leverage your wardrobe to up-level your confidence and your business. Jenny goes into the top five pieces she recommends everyone have in their closet and how you can create a wardrobe capsule to step into your confidence.

Jenny is a former teacher turned mom of twins who found herself a bit lost after becoming a mom. She went on a journey to bring confidence back into her life by using wellness, fashion, and mindset to get there.

She is a teacher by training and now a coach with a real passion to help busy women live a life where they embody the skin that they are in, cultivate confidence with ease, and have the desire to do these things without feeling like it’s extra.

In this episode, you will learn:

– How Jenny went from a teacher, to mom, to fashion stylist
– Simple styling tips for busy moms
– Five pieces of clothing that Jenny recommends every woman have in their closet
– What a wardrobe capsule is and how to use it
– The #1 must have item in your closet

Connect with Jenny:

Connect with Jenny on Instagram: @jennyzook_style_confidence

To learn more about wardrobe capsules, visit her website:

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Denim Guide:

Fall Fashion Guide:

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