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Mama’s Daily Dose is the short, actionable podcast for moms of young kids. You devote yourself to your kids and now you don’t know who you are, what you want and who you want to be. You’re left asking yourself, “what do I want?”Everything looks great on the outside – you have the partner, kids, house, car…but something is still missing. This is your opportunity to discover that “something” through small actions each day. I’ve tried on all the “mom” hats – stay at home mom, working mom, mom entrepreneur; so you don’t have to. I’ve helped hundreds achieve their goals and love their life as “mom” AND an individual… and you can too! Get your Daily Dose and actionable step Monday – Friday. Press play and subscribe. Want more personalized help to figure your sh*t out? Book your Confident Mama Session at

How can you make the best decisions now to reach your future goals?

Ask yourself, “What would future me do?”

Have a clear idea of what future you wants. Who she is.

When you come to a crossroads and you aren’t sure what decision to make, ask yourself what would future you do? The future you that has reached her goal, that is the mom and person you want to do be, what decision would she make?

When you really connect with your future self, you make decisions now that that benefit you in the future.

When you don’t have a clear goal or picture of who you are in the future, you tend to make decisions that only benefit you in the now. You are taking the short term pleasure at the expense of the long-term benefit because you can’t see what that benefit it.

Ask yourself today, “What would future me do?”
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