Just Say This!

Just Say This!


Are you dragging your feet about having the sex talks? Do you wish someone would just tell you what to say to your tween (or any age kid) about this important part of life? You are in the right place. I’m Amy Lang, a sex and parent educator, and in my frank (really frank), opinionated, and full of swears advice-column style parenting podcast, I answer real questions from real parents about the talks. I also provide topic-specific scripts so you can sound like a pro. Most episodes are a potluck of questions that run the gamut from abortion to porn and everything in between. They need to know about all of these things by the time they start middle school.* When you have no idea about the best age to start the birds and bees talks; what’s age appropriate; and what to actually SAY to them about sex, it makes the sex talks daunting (to say the least)! When it comes to the sex talks, keeping it sex positive, light and fact based is key to getting them to listen to you and see you as their go-to birds and bees source. Just Say This can help you make this happen. To record a question for me to answer in a later show (even if you think it’s a stupid one) call 206-926-1522.* I love funny sex talk stories, too. So feel free to call those in, too. + IG @BirdsBeesKids + FB @BirdsBeesKids + BirdsAndBeesAndKids.com *Not a thing. **In middle school they talk about everything so it’s better (and safer) for your kid to be super-well informed so that they feel confident and smart as things get really real. Do you remember middle school? Wouldn’t it have been so much better if you had known everything? Or anything?

In this episode, Amy explains casual sex.


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Other resources:

– Stop It Now – Sexual Abuse Prevention info and support
– RAINN – National Sexual Assault Hotline. Free. Confidential.
– BARK – Monitoring and filtering (US only)
– Circle – Monitoring and filtering (international)


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