Stay at Home Dads Podcast

Stay at Home Dads Podcast


A stay at home dad that talks about various topics from my kids, parenting stories, personal tips, self help, health and fitness, as well as a few other issues that are on a dads mind. I hope you can relate with me on these thoughts and stories as I experience life, overcome struggles, and grow as a parent. Many of the random topics dads and guys think about, I decided to actually talk about!

Today on Stay At Home Dads Podcast, I welcome to the show my good friend Tj who i have known for almost 30 years. We talking about growing up together, his experiences in a wide array of jobs as well as leaving his traditional job to fulfill his dream of working full-time in the guide service industry. We talk about taking that leap into the unknown, how lucrative it can be as well as terrible clients and how to deal with them under pressure. We just scratch the surface today so please tune in next week for part 2! The links to Tj’s businesses are listed below.


Lake of The Woods Reel Fishing Adventures.

Beyond Sundown LLC.

Sportsmans Lodge.

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