Talking Away the Taboo with Dr. Aimee Baron

Talking Away the Taboo with Dr. Aimee Baron


Talking Away the Taboo is the podcast for anyone in the Jewish community struggling to have a child and is seeking a place for emotional support and comfort. It is a show that will help you learn while validating your feelings and processing the hardship and to teach everyone else to be more sensitive. Each week, Dr. Aimee Baron and her guests will be talking away the taboo of infertility, pregnancy loss, infant loss, surrogacy, adoption and more. Your best friend just had a stillbirth and you don’t know what to say? This is the space for you. We laugh, we cry and we challenge the Jewish community to think differently about a topic that has for so long been shrouded in secrecy and shame. Join us on the wild, unpredictable, and gut-wrenching journey of creating a family. Follow I Was Supposed To Have A Baby on Instagram and TikTok at @iwassupposedtohaveababy. To find out more about I Was Supposed To Have A Baby, visit our website at

On this episode of Talking Away The Taboo, Chani Melamed joins Aimee Baron, MD to talk about…

-Her experience with infertility over 11 years

-How to take care of yourself during the holiday

-How to deal with others who are not as sensitive

-Gd and how she relates to Him during this holiday and through her years of struggle

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