FamilyLife Blended® Podcast

FamilyLife Blended® Podcast


FamilyLife Blended® Podcast with host Ron Deal, provides timeless wisdom and practical help and hope for blended families and those who love them.

Pornography is everywhere. It’s quickly becoming the leading sex educator of our kids. Listen to Ron Deal’s conversation with Brian Goins and Gayla Grace about the new documentary series “Brain, Heart, World” to learn how to address this important topic with your family.
Show Notes and Resources

Access the “Brain, Heart, World” free video series.
Get your copy of Brian’s book: Playing Hurt: A Guy’s Strategy for a Winning Marriage.
Get Blended resources like The Smart Stepdad and The Smart Stepfamily.
Buy The Summit on Stepfamily ministry all access pass.
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Check availability for Brian’s new series for parents on Right Now Media.
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