10CBF: A Podcast for Blended Families

10CBF: A Podcast for Blended Families


“10CBF: A Podcast for Blended Families” is an interview-based show that provides tips and strategies that are immediately applicable to help struggling families while also sharing inspiring stories of blended family successes. Various experts and I will discuss issues unique to remarriage, coparenting, and other aspects of blended family life. In addition, each episode will bring you random quotes and references from Middle-earth, Narnia, Hogwarts, and more. Come and join the 10CBF (10 Commandments for Blended Families) community to help your family today!

Brock Sellers, LICSW, PIP, is an Alabama native with strong roots in the social work field. He obtained both his BSW and MSW from the University of Alabama and is now beginning his 19th year of working in the field of child welfare. Brock serves as APAC’s Training Coordinator where he implements statewide training, webinars, online training, and live conferences with leading experts in the field of foster care and adoption for the benefit of Alabama’s clinical professionals. Brock is also the co-founder of Innate Health Solutions, where he works in the private sector as an consultant and trainer, working with individuals, families, and various service agencies to achieve overall healthier functioning. He is a nationally recognized TAC trainer, the newly accredited Training for Adoption Competency, and he’s facilitated training at conferences locally and internationally. He lives in Hoover, AL, with his beautiful wife and his very active boys, ages 10 and 8.

Brock was kind enough to be part of my 10CBF Online Conference back in the summer of 2020, and he was also generous with his time and wisdom in this interview! He and I talked about his experiences in a blended family as well as his professional work which has seen him help many families throughout Alabama and the world.

“Every family is multicultural because of the varying backgrounds of its members.”

“You can’t take the dye out of the water.”

“Choose to believe the best…you can’t choose it if you don’t see it as an option.”


Private Sector work: www.innatehealth.solutions

APAC Training website: https://childrensaid.org/training

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brocksellers/

7 Core Issues in Adoption and Permanency by Roszia and Maxon: https://www.nacac.org/resource/seven-core-issues-in-adoption-and-permanency/

The Relationship Handbook by George Pransky: https://www.amazon.com/Relationship-Handbook-George-Pransky-Ph-D/dp/0971198802

Children’s Aid: https://www.childrensaid.org/

Children’s Aid Training and Resources: https://www.childrensaid.org/what_we_do/programs/apac/training_resources/training.html

APAC Online Training: https://training.childrensaid.org/

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